Brandywine Veterinary Hospital



At Brandywine Veterinary Hospital we have been serving our valued clients and patients for over 50 years. We provide the highest quality of veterinary medicine with compassion. Our services include all facets of veterinary medicine, dentistry, surgery, boarding, doggy day care, grooming and canine rehabilitation. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your pets health!  Bradley S. Gray, VMD CCRP and StafF

Please help your neighbors and their pets! We have a referral program where you can receive a $20.00 hospital credit for a referral of a friend. The referral can be for routine examinations or surgeries. If you friend has a surgical second opinion appointment their visit is free! We have found our surgical and dental prices to be lower than the vast majority of our  competitors! A fifteen minute drive could save them hundreds of dollars! Please help us keep the cost of Veterinary Medicine down by helping your friends and neighbors receive excellent service, an apples to apples or better procedure and by saving them money!
Kitten with ball
  • 3848 - B Kennett Pike
  • Greenville, De. 19807
  • 302-476-8779
  • Bradley S. Gray, VMD CCRP

    Dr. Brad Gray is the second generation of veterinarians in his family. His father Dr. Harry L. Gray started this practice in 1957. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Gray's primary interests are in soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. He is also certified in Canine Rehabilitation. He currently shares his home with two Black Labs, a Great Pyrenees/Golden cross and three cats.
  • Nathalia Torres-Cosme, DVM

    Associate Veterinarian
    Dr. Torres is originally from Puerto Rico. She graduated from Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2015. Her personal interests are Internal Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging. She has an adorable Pit Bull named Gloria.
  • Taylor Culver, DVM

    Dr. Culver graduated from Purdue University. She loves skiing, hiking and horseback riding. She has a cat named Susan, a Standard Poodle named Eva and a Border Collie named Richard. 
  • Debra L. Decker

    Office Manager
    Debra "Debbie" has been part of the Brandywine Veterinary family for over 40 years! She has worn many hats here at the hospital and is currently our office manager and den mother. She  currently takes care of  9 cats!
  • Cindy Hannum

    Veterinary Technician
     Cindy is our head technician. She is the main surgical assistant, Laser therapist and aids in the care of  all of our medical cases. She has been in our company now for over 28 years! Cindy lives with three Labradors (every color), a cat and 13 Koi fish!
  • Brooke Chiapetta

    Veterinary Technician
    Brooke has been with us for over 10 years! She left the human nursing world to help us take care of fuzzy creatures. She currently cares for a Mastiff/Boxer, Puggle and Pug.
  • Kirstyn Tanner

    Veterinary Technician
    Kirstyn has been working with us for 5 years! She is a Veterinary Technician and graduated from Harcum College. She has a German Shepherd, 3 Yorkies and 4 cats at home.
  • Terri Burrell

    Terri has been working with us for 23 years! She is our Head Receptionist who has a Yorkie, an Australian Shepherd and three cats. 

  • Paulanna Beaver

     Paulanna has been grooming for us for over 15 years! She is the caregiver of  3 dogs, numerous barn cats and 7 horses!
  • Harlee Baumgardner

    Kennel Manager and Receptionist

    Harlee has been with us over 4 years. As with many of our employees her family has been coming here over 40 years. She has three dogs and four cats.

  • Gabbi Hartz

    Kennel Assistant

    Gabbi has been with us for four years. She has 1 dog which of course was adopted from here!

  • Sammy Moore

    Kennel Assistant and Groomer
    Sammy is our newest employee and we are glad to have her. She also does grooming part time. She has 5 cats, 2 ferrets, a PomChi, a Corgi and 2 Aquatic turtles! Her future goal is a career in Animal Science. She currently has a certificate as a Veterinary Assistant.
  • Anna Ascione

    Anna is our newest receptionist and we are glad to have her as well! She has three cats that she rescued 8 years ago. She hopes to one day work in the care of rescued exotic animals.
  • Zack Burns

    Kennel Assistant
    Zack has been with us a year and clearly loves animals! He is attending college and is studying history. He has an English Mastiff. We are happy to have him with us.
  • Jason Moore

    Kennel Assistant
    Jason is the proud owner of a Pit Bull that he rescued named Benny. Benny is so fortunate to have a great home and a great owner that is a wonderful asset to our facility as well! Jason has a culinary background so Benny is eating well!
  • Hannah McKim

    Kennel Assistant/Receptionist
    Hannah is a hardworking animal lover! Her experiences with animals rangefrom horses to reptiles. She has quite a background in working with pets. She has four ferrets that keep her pretty busy.
  • Kansas Preece

    Kansas is on her third year of the Veterinary Science program at a local tech high school. She currently has two dogs, two ferrets and a cat. She hopes to have a veterinary career in her future.
  • Aaron Allendar

    Kennel Assistant
    Aaron graduated from Archmere Academy and is a Penn State Graduate Class of 2018. He is pursuing a career in Veterinary Medicine. His hobbies include playing drums, lacrosse and skiing. He has a Goldendoodle named Quincy.
  • Will Carello

    Kennel Assistant
    Will is our newest staff member and goes to Unionville High School. He loves playing basketball, golfing, video games and playing with his dog Comet who is a Goldendoodle. Will loves History and Science and hopes to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine.